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With LED lighting saves power

Investing in LED lighting is guaranteed to generate money. See a few examples below.

Example 1:

A family park in the Netherlands has recently replaced 110 halogen spots of 500 watts with LED units of 50 watts in the catering / arcade. The lighting in this hall is on for 17 hours a day. The power saving amounts to

€ 50,000 per year. The investment was thus earned back in 4 months. The LED units last for 8 years at 17 hours a day. The investment amounted to

€ 17,000 for replacing the old lamps for LED. Becomes

€ 50,000 per year in electricity saved for 8 years. In total there is

€ 400,000 saved on electricity in 8 years. The net return over 8 years is thus

€ 383,000 (€ 400,000 - / - € 17,000).

Example 2: invest € 500 and earn € 500 per year

A company has its lights on for an average of 12 hours a day. In total this is 60 hours per week for a 5 day working week. 25 light bulbs of 40 watts each consume 3120 KWh on an annual basis. The company pays € 0.18 per KWh

€ 561.60 per year in electricity for these lamps. However, the company decides to replace the 25 light bulbs with 25 LED bulbs. The investment is

€ 500, =. The annual savings on electricity is 90%, which corresponds to an amount of € 505.44 per year. At 60 hours a week, the LED lamps last for 16 years. The company saves € 8,087 on electricity in 16 years. The investment amounted to € 500. The net return over 16 years is more than € 7,500.

In reality, much more is being earned. Energy prices are increasing every year. In addition, a light bulb only lasts 1000 hours and will have to be replaced 3 times a year. The LED lamp lasts for 50,000 hours